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Couch Gags
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Couch Gags

  • Bart is squeezed off and pops into the air; during the shot of the TV, he is seen coming down
  • The couch falls apart when everybody is on it
  • Homer is sqeezed off his side of the couch
    Maggie is sqeezed off and pops into the air; she comes right down into Marge's arms
  • Everybody fits on the couch
  • The couch falls through the floor
  • The "Simpson Shuffle"
  • The couch unfolds into a bed
  • Maggie ends up in Marge's hair
  • Everybody fits, including Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II
  • Grampa is lying on the couch sleeping
  • Homer tips the couch over sideways; Maggie falls off, but lands on a couch cushion which is on the floor
  • The couch is gone; everyone looks around the empty spot
  • Homer bumps the others off
  • The couch tips over backwards; Maggie pops up from behind it
  • The couch tips over backwards; and everybody crashes through the back wall
  • They sit, then Homer pulls Santa's Little Helper out from beneath him
  • Everybody forms a pyramid
  • Bart lands on everyone's lap
  • Homer gets to the couch first and lies on it; the others sit on him
  • The seat cushions are missing; when they sit, they "fall into" the couch
  • Two burglars are holding the couch as everybody sits on it, they are dumped off and the couch is carried away
  • Santa's Little Helper is on the couch and keeps everyone off
  • Everybody cartwheels to the couch (Maggies falls in her attempt and hops there) and strikes a "Ta-Da" pose
  • Everybody bounces up and down on the couch; Homer bounces from one side to the other
  • A space alien hears them coming, pulls a cord, and disappears through a trap door in the floor
  • Everybody except Maggie bang their heads together and lie unconscious on the floor
  • Everybody stops as the couch is occupied - by the Flintstones
  • The couch swallows everybody as it transforms into a monster
  • The couch rotates 180 degrees through a secret door in the wall; an empty couch takes its place
  • As Maggie is already seated, the others run "past the edge of the film" and scurry back to the couch
  • Simpson-sized skeletons sit on the couch
  • The couch deflates (as if filled with air)
  • Everybody has someone else's head, which they remove and switch
  • There's a wooden chair in place of the couch; the adults share it, with the children on their laps
  • Everybody forms a chorus line, which turns into a large production number
  • Everybody is "miniature" and must climb a "giant" couch; Maggie has to be pulled up
  • Everybody sits, just before the room is filled with other regular characters
  • Everybody runs into each other and shatters on the floor; Santa's Little Helper examines the damage
  • Everybody runs into each other and end up on the couch as a five-headed "blob"
  • Everybody runs into each other and there's an explosion;eventually, the pacifier lands and bounces away
  • Everybody, plus the couch, is crushed by a giant foot that is reminiscent of how "Monty Python's Flying Circus" opens
  • Everybody stops as the couch is occupied - by an identical Simpson family
  • A Zombie Simpson family crashes through the floor from below and sits on the couch
  • The couch is painted on a wall, which everyone runs through
    A fat man takes up most of the couch; everybody sqeezes into the tiny spot remaining
  • The room is dark as five pairs of eyes go to the couch; light reveals that it's only eyes, as eyeless bodies quickly enter, sit down, and reattach to the eyes
  • Everybody sits, the notice they're on the set of "Late Night with David Letterman" as "Dave" turns face foward
  • Everybody pokes their head up from behind the couch (Maggie does it from behind a cushion on the couch)
  • Everybody sees two couches, then they split into two halves, each half sitting on a couch
  • Everybody is shaped like a ball and bounces around before they landing on the couch and returning to normal
  • Everybody sits, then Homer gets up, rips the FOX logo from the screen corner, and they all stamp on it
  • Everybody begins seated as if on an invisible couch; the couch comes in in pieces and forms itself atop them, causing them to fall to the floor
  • The floor is well underwater, and only the tops of everybody's heads are visible until they reach the couch (Bart is using a snorkel)
  • Everybody is "beamed aboard" the couch in original "Star Trek" style (complete with sound effect)
  • Everybody enters with a mismatched head and limbs (for example, Bart's leg is now Lisa' right arm, and Lisa's right arm's are where her legs should be)
  • Everybody bounces up off the couch and gets their heads stuck in the ceiling
  • Everybody chases the couch as it, along with the back wall, moves backwards away from them
  • Everybody runs by the same TV and couch again and again, all are grinning except for Maggie
  • Everybody runs to the couch from a different side (Marge runs down the side of the wall) in an M.C. Escher-style house
  • The "James Bond" film opening, only with Homer in front of the couch firing the gun
  • In black & white, everybody (wearing Mickey Mouse gloves) do an old style cartoon dance
  • A giant Maggie, a slightly smaller Lisa, and so on down to a tiny Homer, sit on the couch.
  • As the Thompsons (Federal Witness Protection Program) a large netful of fish empties on them, one fish flops around
  • As they run to the couch, the wall recedes, and they chase the couch
  • Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa fly in the room with backpack rockets and sit on the couch. Maggie flies in more wildly, makes a few loops, and lands on Marge's lap.
  • It shows a picture of the couch but no one comes in. Pan to the outside of the house where OFF locked themselves out.
  • They sit and the room is neon-colored. Homer turns on a lamp and color goes normal.
  • Everyone enters as a life-sized, flat wind-up toy.
    Everyone parachutes to the couch, except Homer who crashes flat on
  • his face on the floor.
  • Computer screen. "Downloading" Simpsons to couch, but cursor then tries to abort for it's taking too long.
  • Underwater scene. Everyone enters as a sea monkey and the TV is an opening treasure chest.
  • Wild West scene. Dressed like cowboys, sits, and the couch goes rodeo toward the horizon.
  • A game-hunter sits instead. Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and Marge are stuffed game head trophies and Homer poses as a bear-skin rug.
  • Everyone sits except Homer, who was getting runned by the floor treadmill (Marge! Marge! Stop this crazy thing! Help!).
  • The family gets ready for a mug shot when height measure background falls.
  • Brady Bunch square opening. All except Grandpa run to center square, couch.
  • Completely black Simpson family sits. Spray machines paint them their colors and eye pupils get shot in place at their eyes.
  • Everyone is a Simpson-shaped balloon. All of them pop.
    The family sits after folding in the bed, with Grandpa still in it.